Pentecost Sunday
May 31, 2020
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"Roman Eagle is wonderful! The staff genuinely cares about the residents; the food is good, and the activities are well planned out."

COVID-19 Testiing has been conducted for all residents and staff with no confirmed cases.

Starting Monday, June 1, 2020, Roman Eagle will enter into Phase 1 of the Recommended Nursing Home Phased Reopening for States.  Nursing homes will lag behind the general community's reopening by 14 days.

*  Visitation generally prohibited, except for compassionate care situations.

*  Restricted entry of non-essential healthcare personnel

*  Communal dining with social distancing (limited number of residents in room and spaced at least 6 feet)

*  No non-medically necessary trips outside the building

*  Small group activities permitted with social distancing, hand hygiene, and use of a cloth face covering or facemask.

All necessary precautions are being taken to safe-guard the health of all residents and staff. 

This is a very difficult time for residents, families and staff.  We so appreciate all of the dedication and hard-work our staff has provided throughout this crisis.  Our top priority is keeping residents safe.  We appreciate families and friends being understanding and supportive during this time.