“I am having fun at Roman Eagle. I don’t consider it a nursing home; everyone is my family. Roman Eagle is the Cadillac of all homes!”
Rehabilitative Services

Professional physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists work very closely with our nursing and activities staff to provide specialized rehabilitative services and encouragement that will assist the residents in achieving and maintaining their highest level of self-care, independence, and well being.

Using an integrated approach of physical, occupational and speech therapy, Roman Eagle provides its residents state of the art rehabilitation services.  Our spacious rehabilitation department features the latest equipment including Ultrasound E-Stim, and Vital Stim, which provides residents the needed environment to achieve consistent and rapid results.  Many of Roman Eagle's residents return to their home setting after receiving these services, while others become more independent in their stay at Roman Eagle.

Roman Eagle's rehabilitation department is one of the first in Virginia to utilize the "It's Never Too Late" system which empowers individuals to connect, engage and enjoy life through the benefits of today's latest technology.  This system allows activities adapted to each resident's unique abilities and interests, and has been shown to improve socialization and quality of life, enhance independence and increase cognitive stimulation.