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“I am having fun at Roman Eagle. I don’t consider it a nursing home; everyone is my family. Roman Eagle is the Cadillac of all homes!”


Roman Eagle Memorial Home, Inc. has changed its legal name to Roman Eagle Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, Inc. As a charitable, not-for-profit organization, Roman Eagle has distinguished itself as a recognized leader in providing skilled nursing care in a safe, comfortable, homelike environment for nearly a century.  According to Dan Setliff, Administrator, the new name better reflects the short and long-term health care and comprehensive rehabilitation services now being provided by the facility.  There have been no other changes in ownership, management, or operations.

Professional physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and assistants provide specialized rehabilitative services that assist the resident in achieving and maintaining their highest level of self-care and well-being.  Over 50% of our residents were able to return to their home setting after receiving rehabilitative services, while others became more independent in their stay at Roman Eagle.

As Roman Eagle evolves from year to year, many things change, however, our commitment to providing excellent services in a cost effective manner for our residents remains constant.  Roman Eagle Rehabilitation and Health Care Center is committed to just that purpose.